Hua-hin-golf-courseHua Hin Real Estate Market 2015

Thailand’s very first beach resort town, Hua Hin, has changed very dramatically over the past years. Originally Hua Hin become famous in the early 1920’s when it was established as the Royal family’s favorit summer destination, Hua Hin city has gone from a small aristocratic village to a cosmopolitan coastal city.

Now attracting a growing demographic of mid-to-high society Thai’s and expats with its clean streets, quiet beaches, and world-class establishments, Hua Hin is one of the fastest growing property markets in the country, with no signs of slowing down. That why Hua Hin is a great place for investment in 2015 and a great place to live.

In a propertry panel discussion with four agents from Dream Estate Hua Hin had a moderated conversation about what, in their opinions, makes Hua Hin a great place to live and invest in.

1. If Dream Estate Agents would had to describe Hua Hin in ten words, what would they be?

Relaxing, Friendly, Scenic, Accessible, Affordable, Golfing Haven, Peaceful, Relaxing, Beaches and great Climate for retirement in Hua Hin.

2. Would you say Hua Hin is better for a particular demographic of property buyers than others’

No, in the past Hua Hin was considered a destination for people in their “golden age” but Hua Hin has grown into a much more diverse city now, attracting more young people every year with new businesses and new attractions. Hua Hin has a good mix of age groups and nationalities, and is fast becoming a truly internal city. Although it is a more expensive place to live than other areas in Thailand, it therefore attracts a higher income clients from countrys like Switzerland, Hong Kong, France and Singapore, there are many opportunities for very cost effective living which opens the market to all.

Hua Hin is a great place that suits all kind of budgets and lifestyles. The agents at Dream Estate Hua Hin can sell a 30 million baht one day, and the next day rent a condo for 15,000 baht a month.

Hua Hin may have that reputation, as it does generally attract the middle class, retiree and luxury home buyers with its Royal theme and golfing options, but we at Dream Estate Hua Hin believe it offers something for everyone.

3. How do Dream Estate Hua Hin predict Hua Hin city will change over the next ten years regarding both the market and the general area?

Hua Hin has maintained strong and consistent growth over the past few years. The continuous investments from private enterprises in the area, in addition to the government’s extensive investment in its infrastructure are signs that Hua Hin will continue growing for many years to come.

International developers have been buying up land in Hua Hin, which is a sign of exceptional projects to come. We at dream Estate Hua Hin  believe the city will also become even more attractive to foreign investors as it builds up its beachfront areas and opens an international airport and the high speed rail link with is under the way.

Having seen how the city has grown over the past ten years, we at Dream Estate Hua Hin are expecting it continue at a similar rate. The city still thrives no matter what state the world’s economies are in. Hua Hin is turning into one of Thailand’s most popular cities to live, as it is a kind of “lifestyle” destination. This means it will become a self-sustainable city with many different sources of income; not just normal tourism.

4. What advice would Dream Estate give to someone looking for a property to buy in Hua Hin?

Really consider the south and the west areas of Hua Hin, as they are all very different from one another. At the moment the area around Soi 112 and Banyan Golf Course seems to attract the most investors and luxurious developments as La Bua Resort & Residence. with is the most popular place to buy right now, and we under why.

Rent a place for a month here and there to see what you like best to start with.

There are many temptations here in Hua Hin for foreigners to go over budget, as their home currencies may stretch further and allow them to buy at a higher standard. Make sure you can afford what you are buying.

Don’t just trust everything you see on the internet. Find a reputable agent in Hua Hin who will guide you through the process of foreign purchasing. Ask many questions; not just about the property but about the legal aspects of buying in Thailand as well. Come take a look and see for yourself why Hua Hin is the town of choice for the Thai Royal family, members of the high society, and many expats alike. To no more about the property market in Hua Hin, see and learn more with our property guide.

5. What would you say is Hua Hin’s standout feature?

Hua Hin’s unique location is just right, as it’s surrounded both white sandy beaches and Scenic mountains and is located between Bangkok and the well known islands. It’s also got a great mix of local people and foreigners. Hua Hin beach resort is a very livable kind of place to live in. The city itself embraces everything good and positive about Thai culture without the negative elements of some other well known Thai destinations. The city’s mixture of Thai and Western culture, the fact that you can walk down the street and bump into friends on every corner, as well as it being a very safe place to live. The standout feature is the vibe of the city. Everyone is generally upbeat and not too concerned with politics. As a family you can also visit Asia biggest water jungle park, the already famous Vana nava park!

Please contact one of the agents in Dream Estate Hua Hin to find your dream estate in Hua Hin.