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There are many foreign investments in Hua Hin Thailand at the moment, which involve the purchase of a Hua Hin luxury real estate. Whether it is for a business reasons or a residence property, the buyer of the property must always apply Due Diligence to the purchase of the property, here can Dream Estate Hua Hin help you to make the right decisions.

A easy, quick and smooth transactions sometimes causes the purchaser to overlook very important issues that will affect the ability of the buyer to sell or enjoy the property, with can be a big nightmare. Here can Dream Estate Hua Hin help so this not happens!

Due Diligence confirms all the material facts of the sales. This involves Dream Estate Hua Hin going beyond the terms of the contact and to physically inspect the property, complete a title check, review government permits & review liens on the property in Hua Hin. Also, it is very important to complete a thorough background check on the Hua Hin property developer and also the seller. There is a much higher propensity of land scams in Thailand  & Hua Hin because of the complex method of registering property.


The Title Search

Make your next search for a property in Hua Hin be easy and safe with Dream Estate Hua Hin.

The Sellers Background Review

Property scams are a regular occurrence in Thailand, and also in Hua Hin. This necessitates a review of the credentials of the seller or property developer. Thats why Dream Estate Hua Hin only working with serious property developer in Hua Hin.

The  developer or seller must be identified, their financial background checked, and criminal background. It is important to also check their name in the court records. Ongoing or past litigation can damage the property rights of the seller. If the seller is the developer, it is important to review their previous developments and the satisfaction the property buyers in those developments.

The Physical Inspection

Hua Hin Legal service has a  independent surveyor with should help you to inspect the property to ascertain if the land or property is connected to a ex. public road & if the boundaries of the land or property are clear & whether the title deed accurately reflects the actual boundaries. Without direct access to a public road, there may be legal, commercial, and practical problems with the neighbors. A physical inspection of the land will also review the local zoning ordinances to determine what will be built in nearby land parcels. Access to the property from public roads will greatly affect the price of the Hua Hin estate.

The Inspection Of The Building Permits

For buildings, homes and condominium units, it is so important to review the government filings to ensure that the Hua Hin developer or seller has approved land and building permits. This is where many buyers get in big problems.

Due diligence in Hua Hin requires a review the type of development and ensure that there are no restrictions in the area. There needs to be an Environmental Examination of the property, confirmation that it has passed building codes, and whether parking will be available to the property owner. It is also important to ensure that the Hua Hin property is not encroaching on government protected land which makes development illegal.

This Hua Hin property article provided only a quick overview of the Due Diligence requirements when purchasing property in Hua Hin Thailand. Dream Estate Hua Hin can always assist you when purchasing property in Hua Hin Thailand. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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