Turn fantasy into reality – Discover your perfect Hua Hin villa for sale

Hua Hin villas for sale are perennial favourites in the property market for their easy liveability. Retirement, investment or vacation buyers are drawn to the area for its unique blend of tranquil waterfront or ocean view living and lively entertainment spots – not to mention the perpetually calm waters lined by endless sandy beaches. Hua Hin is home to numerous locals as well as expatriates from all corners of the globe that have emigrated there, retired there or that keep a lavish villa or condo for weekend getaways away from the big city. This stunning city is located only 2.5 hours from Bangkok and perfectly embodies all the best of Thailand.

Why your Hua Hin villa is choosing you

You have fallen for a city that can give you the best of both worlds. You have enjoyed the sand and sea, feeling comfortable on every beach, learned about the people and culture, studied key essential Thai words to fill your plate with the delicious seafood and cuisine that the city is well known for. After a few successful vacations in this dream city – you have realized that you are ready to take the leap! You don’t want to just move between resort and hotel room; you want to purchase a property for sale and finally have your own family’s Hua Hin villa or condo in the city that has already brought you so much joy.

Any afternoon you can choose to adventure outside your There are myriad attractions to take in when in Hua Hin. Known for its eclectic atmosphere that is defined by its proximity to the capital. You can slip and slide in the numerous new water parks and adventure parks certified to entertain your family for days on end, stroll through the super safe city and explore the night market shopping streets, bask in the sun on the beach or at your private or resort-style infinity pool, ride an elephant, feed sheep or be kissed by a giraffe at the new safari park and themed activity parks. The beautiful city and its array of diverse activities and scenes is perfect for you and your partner or family.

Some of the largest draws to the area is the historic Plern Wan old city as well as the charming Cicada market at the junction with Khao Takiab. Seafood lovers will remain tremendously satisfied. Hua Hin possesses a great collection of top restaurants, eateries and bars with Thai, Fusion and European cuisines that cover the world map. Other great sites include the floating markets and outlet malls that exponentially increase your opportunities for leisure or necessity. On top of all of this, every evening after the unparalleled sunsets, night markets emerge, street salespeople begin to wander, cabaret singers begin to sing and dance, live Muay Thai boxing matches occur and live bands rock out at several pubs and bars. You can choose to make it as relaxing or as exciting as you want it to be!

Villas for sale in this beautiful well-liked city are highly sought after for location, luxury, and top notch amenities offering a quiet living experience that other areas as close to the capital city cannot boast – though still located just a short drive away. Hua Hin living also offers its residents the excitement of being in the Golfing capital of Thailand with various award-winning international golf courses frequently visited by world class legendary golfers.

From the centre of the city, your family can take an afternoon away from your Hua Hin villa’s patio and embrace the tropical natural environment which blossoms only a short drive away. Visit Kaeng Krachan National park – a mere 60 km West of Hua Hin – where you can breathe in the fresh foresty fragrances of the massive park and hike up the multiple levels of Pala U Waterfalls.

When not relaxing on your villa’s patio or pool, you can also take a Day trip to see the famous mangroves at Pranburi Forest Park to the South of the city and enjoy the awe-inspiring views from vacant beaches. These fantastic natural attractions are great draws to the area – offering residents an endless supply of things to do. With careful consideration, your search for villas for sale in Hua Hin can lead you to your ideal luxury Hua Hin property that can become your family’s favourite place to be.

Learn before you Leap – Key information for buying your new luxury villa for sale

Having a second home for getaways or moving to a retirement home sounds very glamorous – and it can be – and most times, it’s an excellent long-term investment. But don’t jump in blindly. There are a few considerations to make before settling on your vacation villa. It’s important to learn about the various types of properties available to you, the total price of ownership including property taxes, insurance, and any other carrying costs and laws.

Our highly qualified and knowledgeable property agents are well-equipped to fully prepare you for the buying process. It’s not a coincidence that in Thailand, Hua Hin is one of the most popular areas to retire to or invest in. With a perfect location and array of activities at hand, it is a top spot for luxurious living.

View our Top 10 Affordable properties for sale today

1. For 17.9 million thb, immerse yourself in the Wan Vayla beach front condo with views of the Gulf of Thailand and the open sea that can be enjoyed from various balconies.
2. This 3 bedroomed villa is practically tailor-made for your Mediterranean tastes with light features, a pool and ample parking space. Inquire quickly about this 6.6 million thb. deal!
3. This meticulously maintained property is a rare opportunity in the south of Hua Hin, ready to be enjoyed for only 5.9 million THB. Price reduced 700.000 thb.
4. The layout of this new Hua Hin villa is superb, and outside there are lots of places to relax and have a good time with your large family.
5. Petite couples paradise located only a short stroll from the local restaurants and shops – you can enjoy the Tropical lifestyle to the fullest for a low 2.3 million thb..
6. Created as a fusion of both east and western influences, this 3 bedroomed apartment villa resulted in a beautifully presented Thai exterior juxtaposed with a contemporary interior including all of the modern conveniences every family needs. What a steal at only 7.5 million thb.




7. This fully serviced modern villa for sale is located on the western hillsides of the city in a quiet location close to several golf courses and amusement/theme parks.

8. Inexpensive upmarket condo with top amenities and a beautiful waterfront address. Get it now for 5.9 million thb. Price reduced 3 million.




9. At 9.9 million thb. this exclusive private house development is within your budget. Enjoy the mountain breezes that waft all the way through the large windows and doors.




10. A recently refurbished modern spacious 2 bedroom villa situated just 5 minnutes to the beachfront. With 5.99 million thb.  you can enjoy wonderful sea views nestled between towering palm trees and the charming local restaurants.
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