Pros and Cons of buying a vacation rental property in Hua Hin Thailand

Thailand has become a one of the most popular tourism hot spots in South East Asia, Millions of tourists head to the land of smiles each year.

This country is spectacular and there are a lot of reasons for its ever increasing popularity.

Thai food. Becoming an ever increasing favourite worldwide is of course Thai cuisine. Thai food and Thai restaurants are well known worldwide. You can go to any major town or city in most of Europe and you’re bound to find a Thai restaurant in town. Westerners in particular have fallen in love with Thai food due to how tasty and different it is in comparison to western cuisine. The mix of sweet, sour, salty and spicy is just to die for. As crazy as it is, people do come here because they want to sample the authentic dishes. People also want to come here to learn how to cook it. This is just one of the reasons for the influx of tourist swarming here.

Another reason has to be the incredible beauty that is unparalleled. The palm trees, the powdery white beaches and the incredible warm water are plentiful here. Even if you’re in big bad Bangkok – the city that doesn’t sleep, you can still get a bus and be at the beach in a little over an hour. Thailand is home to thousands of islands so you’re never short of a beach to lay your beach towel down on.

Thai people are in my personal opinion the number one reason which makes this country so incredible. When I first came here I expected the beaches, I expected the food, the people I didn’t expect. Thai hospitality is incredible. They will welcome you into their lives like you’re a family member, they’re amazingly respectful and they always have a smile on their faces – hence ‘The land of smiles’. The people make you want to come back again and again, it’s so easy to meet good people here.

Hua Hin home

Vacation Rental Properties in Hua Hin

It’s for these reasons and many more that tourists want to head to Thailand again and again each year. It’s also due to this ever increasing popularity that more and more people have started to buy vacation rental properties here.

These homes away from home mean that when you and your family next head to the land of smiles you have somewhere that feels a little more personal than just a hotel. Buying property in Hua Hin for example is on the rise. Due to Hua Hin’s town, it’s convenience, its incredible beaches and of course it’s amazing people, tourists are flooding here from all over the world.

Hua Hin property has become more and more in demand which is great if you’ve got yourself a vacation rental homey currently. This situation is just going to keep on increasing as Thailand continues to thrive in its tourism sector. So if you don’t have property already then now is the time to get on the ladder.

Obviously having a vacation home is incredible for those times where you want to vacation in Thailand, but by having a holiday home here it also means that you can rent it out to others for the rest of the time when you’re not in the county. By renting when you’re not using it a rental property can either pay for itself or you can even turn a healthy profit. Before you going searching for ‘Hua Hin home for sale’ on Google though, let’s look at the pros and cons of buying a vacation rental property in Thailand.


A Home Abroad – having a vacation rental property already in Thailand will mean that on your regular trips to the land of smiles you no longer have to staying in hotels or apartments that you may or may not like. It’s yours so you know what you’re coming back to every time. It also means you can decorate how you like and you can make alterations and changes without asking anyone, which you could never do just renting.

Investment and Income – Buying a vacation rental property in Hua Hin Thailand currently is a smart investment. Especially if you’re doing it in a location that is thriving and at the right time. It means that you can rest assured that there will be a steady stream of customers wanting to rent your home when you’re not vacationing there. This in turn will see your property potentially pay for itself or even generate extra income.

Live the dream – Everyone has dreams. If owning a place of your own in beautiful Thailand next to the beach isn’t on your bucket list then you’ve obviously not been to Hua Hin yet.

Property investment in Hua Hin


Renters – This one will only be a headache if you’re not just buying for sole use. If you planning on keeping your home away from home all to youself then don’t worry about it. If you do intend to rent however you need to be aware of potential problems with clients renting your place. Typically this shouldn’t be an issue but every now and then you may get renters who continuously email, phone and complain for reasons beyond my ken.

Risk – Like any investment there is an amount of risk involved in any purchasing of property. Markets fluctuate, natural disaster, just plain bad luck. However you can minimize these risks by having a reputable and professional agency looking after your investment by giving you the right advice and helping you avoid unnecessary risks. Location is key in this, so invest somewhere smart like Hua Hin, you need a town on the up. Hua Hin has homes for sale so check them out.

Vacant Property – if you do buy a home by yourself and choose the wrong location or stlye of property then you could find yourself with an empty house which could be generating money.  Again part of this is buying smart, get the assistance of someone who knows the pitfalls and how to go about it the right way. Get in touch with a good company who can help you do this like Dream Estate Hua Hin.

Legal issues – You might be all over what you ‘can and cannot’ legally do in your own country but one of the problems of buying abroad means that people generally don’t know heads from tails. When it comes to Thai law even the internet can be a confusing place, everyone thinks they know the current situation and it’s full of people trolling. Again the answer to this is simple. Get yourself in with people in the know.

So that’s it… In short Thailand is an amazing place to live and it’s great for turning a profit due to its ever increasing popularity. If it’s your dream to own a property here or you just want to capitalize on the financial gains then go for it. Just make sure you do it the right way and with the right people. Going alone can be troublesome and you could end up losing a whole lot more than you’re going to save by not hiring professionals.