5 Tips to Have Your Hua Hin Solar Cell Panels Last A Long Time

Hua Hin Solar Cell Tip 1. Keep ’em sterile them solar cell panels–that they work so well that you barely see that they’re there. And there’s the issue. While the systems are quiet (quiet, in actuality, except for possibly the inverter), and also run without you ever needing to touch them, when you get a bill at the end of the year, it may be your mistake. Sorry. The cleaner that the glass is on the board, the more unobstructed surface the sun has to “work with.” How often should you wash your solar panels?

This depends upon where you live-in case there is a lot of construction in your area, if you are living in a subtropical desert or whenever you have lots of particulates on your air you will most likely have to wash more often. Some areas need a weekly washing machine, although other places can eliminate each other month. Keep an eye on your panels and when they seem like they really have a dusty picture on them, aim the hose in their direction and let it rip.

Hua Hin Solar Cell Tip 2. The best way to wash your solar cells hua hin? First, never use an abrasive soap or cleaning sponge – the objective is to get the glass clean and clear as you can so that you do not want to scrape it. Next, a swimming skimmer with a soft cloth on the finish must reach the very substantial roofs or a wash rag and some soft biodegradable soap should do just fine. The more often you clean, you might even be able to get away with just running the hose over them immediately, assuming you do not have built up bird litter or caked on grime. BE VERY CAREFUL if you get on the roof, especially because it’ll be slippery when you get started washing panels the roofing and that hose is going to have a inclination to pull you from the roof as you dismount. In my experience, homes that complained about their meter spinning forward typically had filthy solar panels. A good scrub down and that meter has been turning backward. If your meter is still spinning forwards in the center of the day with sunlight brightly shining, and it means either you’ve got lots of appliances on or your panels are not performing their job. When the panels aren’t doing their job, then you are losing money.

Hua Hin Solar Cell Tip 3. Keep them away from the shade. As you’re at it, be certain that there are no new shade issues which weren’t there as soon as the system has been set up. We here at Dream Estate Hua Hin  will not recommend you cut a tree down, but you might have to cut them backagain. Shade on solar panels really works exponentially, not proportionally, to decrease panel output. If 1/4 of this panel is shaded, you are not losing 1/4 of the output for this panel, you’re likely losing over half an hour. Again, when the panels can not do their job, you are losing money.

Hua Hin Solar Cell Tip 4. Monitor the panels. You do not need to do anything, but keep an eye on them. Particularly keep a watch out for the retina screen. While technically you do not need to look at them daily, if there’s a problem and the green light goes out, the longer it takes before you notice it the more money you’re losing because your panels are no longer covering your electricity usage. It is likely that you will not be able to tell what’s wrong with the machine, but do not be worried about it, thats just what that 25 year warranty is for. Call the specialists and allow them to sort it out for your solar cells hua hin

Hua Hin Solar Cell Tip 5. Maintain a record of your panels’ functionality day-to-day. If you wish to take it one step farther, write down what your system has produced for the day (at about the same time daily). Make a notice or asterisk for days that are particularly overcast because those will throw away your results and don’t necessarily indicate that there’s a problem with your system. Keeping daily bookkeeping will allow you to determine whether your machine is still functioning, but maybe just not producing what it used to. Too much to think about? Monitoring systems are available today in a variety of formats that will display readings onto a board inside your residence, download information to your desktop or let you configure a website with your own solar data. Speak to your solar installer on your alternatives. Sounds like the prospect of a brand new line of green occupations.

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