The strength of the Hua Hin’s property housing market continues to grow despite struggles in many other larger cities around Thailand due to the changing economic climate around the world. Especially the southern and western parts of Hua Hin have seen a high level of interest from Swiss, French, Hong Kong & German buyers who are looking for a second villa to live in.

Most of the foreigners buying in these areas are already or planning to retired soon and decided to live in Hua Hin because of the low cost of living, climate, the convenience and safety of the nearby Hua Hin international hospital.


La Bua Resort & Residence development has clearly been taking note of these benefits for Hua Hin. La Bua development comes with new designs and ideas for living with open floor plans, as it is now a wildly popular trend in home design in the Nordic countries.

A Ripple Effect in Hua Hin have giving La Bua Resort & Residence more than 35 sales in just 10 month’s. Especial the bigger plots and house design is selling extremely well at the moment, Jonas Glud, Ceo Dream Estate Hua Hin said. 2015 has been a extremely busy year for us, and we see no signs of the sales to slow down for 2016.


When asked about the unique design of The La Bua designer villas, Jonas Glud behind La Bua development explains that the properties take inspiration from some of the world’s most famous luxurious Danish designers to offer a kind of property never-before-seen in Thailand before.


“We have selected the famous Nordic designs that the Nordic countries stands for, and the design elements of the La Bua designer villas are ones seek to incorporate into every villa & condodesign we make, Jonas Glud said. ” we want to create homes that allow for free and open movement, free thinking, and will inspire you every day. Thanks to they’re minimalistic and highly functioning designs offer space, enormous high windows and subtle colors that practically allow each unit to breathe on its own.

Outdoors facilities, all residents and guests at La Bua Resort & Residences can enjoy the massive exclusive designer shaped Beadcrete (glass) swimming pools a refreshing reminder that Scandinavian design can be enjoyed not just in Nordic countries but now in the tropics of Hua Hin,Thailand as well.

We see our costumers is not only looking to buying a designer villa but a new luxurious lifestyle with international facilities such as a tennis court, fitness, maid/garden/pool service, 200 meter pool lagoon, pool bar, Jacuzzi areas, restaurant, 24 hours service & beach, tropical areas surrounded by scenic mountains.


Many new housing developments in the Hua Hin area will be launching for 2016.
“Developers in Hua Hin have recently become able to create modern homes at much more affordable prices than ever before and better quality,” Jonas Glud says. “While the area is starting to attract a higher percentage of the home-buyer population, its architecture and general character qualities are still as appealing as ever with no signs of diminishing value.”



The Vana Nava Water Park, Hua Hin walking street and the Bluport Central Shopping mall are just a few such projects that will make Hua Hin even more desirable. There are also several infrastructure projects being planned. The high speed train from Bangkok to Hua Hin and also the new ferry pier for a planned Pattaya route.


Also the new Hua Hin Centennial Sports Club, which has 11 tennis courts with its centre court having a capacity of 1,000 seats just open. New international golf courses (best in Asia) schools & universities also giving Hua Hin a big boost for tourist.

Fun all day long

Fun all day long


Now also families starting to settle down or even just spend time in their new holiday home in the area that’s safe and respectable, but also has things to offer each member, regardless of their age,” Jonas Glud said. “Hua Hin’s tourism board has been making strides to turn it into one of the most family-friendly environments in the country.”

Hua Hin is rapidly growing and investors & foreigners around the world has now their focus now on this royal beach resort town in Thailand.

So the real estate in Hua Hin is looking very bright a busy 2016 coming up soon.