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Thailand has been ranked in the TOP 10 World’s best places to retire In 2015 by the International Living magazine. Thailand’s desirable culture, easy-going, ever-smiling people and low cost of luxurious living and healthcare have made it a stand-out location for retirees from all over the globe.

The following list will acquaint you with 10 reasons why owning a property in Hua Hin will give you access to the best retirement city in tropical Thailand: Hua Hin!

  1. Climate

Thailand has for years been a popular spot for vacationers throughout the year. It is well-known for its complete lack of a cold ‘winter’ season and adored for its perpetual swimsuit season. Despite the many who rail about how hot it is in Thailand, Hua Hin experiences an average high temperature of 28°C in the summer months due to the airflow that comes in consistently over the ocean. The average annual low temperature remains a comfortable 23°C. Hua Hin is fortunate, in as much as it is fairly centrally located and on a narrow peninsula that extends down to Malaysia. As a result, Hua Hin has three distinctive seasons – as opposed to four that most western countries experience. Thais will refer to these as “cool, dry”, “hot” and “rainy”.

  1. Lower Cost of Living

If you are a retiree on a fixed income, your smartest choice is to live someplace where your money goes further. Living somewhere that has a below average cost of living makes sense even if you are one of the lucky ones who was able to save money for retirement. Choosing to buy a Hua Hin property for sale helps you take advantage of the low property costs and low living costs in the small beachside city. The lower costs, on just about everything, could make a real difference to your monthly budget. Dream Estate’s unbeatably low priced deluxe ocean-view, mountain-side or city centre properties are a major reason why choosing us (9) is the right move to assist you with buying your luxurious but affordable retirement home.

  1. Water water everywhere

The Gulf of Thailand will be just a very short drive or walk away from the doorway of your Hua Hin villa, condo or house. Endless expanses of sand and sea are yours to explore inside the city and in neighbouring cities north and south.

  1. Recreation:

Just because you are retired doesn’t mean that you stop having fun with your partner or friends. Golf, water sports, fishing, kayaking, hiking and cycling are all reachable available near your Hua Hin property. Being shut in from November to April in your home country will be a thing of the past. Staying active will keep you happier and healthier.

  1. Family

Your friends and family (kids and grandkids) will want to visit you, especially in the winter if they live someplace with a harsh winter in the North. Is it miserable, cold and snowy for them in Europe? They will jump at the chance of sun, sand and sea with Grandpa or Grandma! Our experienced Property Agents (26) can help you to find that Hua Hin property with just enough extra room for your loved ones when they come to visit you. Places to visit for families coming to Hua Hin..

  1. Wide Range of Community groups

In this booming city filled with a diverse selection of people, every individual can find a group that they can fit into whether you are interested in Men’s groups for cigars and whisky, charity fundraising clubs like the International Rotary club, Expat Women’s groups, Scandinavian clubs, Book clubs, Businessmen groups, entrepreneurs, running clubs, tennis clubs, nationality-based groups…etc; you name it – they’ve got it! There is that built-in social component that you get in these communities to make you feel more at home.

  1. Easy access to Bangkok airport

Whether it is travel to visit friends and family back home, people coming to visit you, or satisfying your own global wanderlust; you will be only 2.5 hours away from Bangkok’s International airport which is a hub for flights to and from all over the world.

  1. Health care Availability

One great advantage of retiring and moving to a property in Hua Hin, where many other retirees migrate, is that there are a tremendous amount of health care options and services specifically geared towards older people. San Paulo Hospital, HuaHin Hospital and Bangkok Hospital are all readily accessible from your Hua Hin property. They all have English-speaking doctors and reputable trauma centres.

  1. Royalty-endorsed city

As home to the Summer Palace of the Royal family, the city sets itself apart as being a quiet and peaceful city lacking the rowdy, dirty, backpackers and sexpats of other ‘party cities.’ This makes the city extra safe and extra clean, devoid of the ‘mafia’ or other groups that might target foreigners.

  1. Endless options

It is a city in which you can never get bored! Theme parks, coffee shops, water parks in addition to all of the aforementioned gems that the city boasts make all of the available Hua Hin properties for sale some of the most desirable properties for retirement! Our Property Buyers Guide (2) will assist you in making the big decision of whether or not you want to buy a villa, a house or a condo and how to go about the entire buying process.

Top 10 tips how to buy a property in Hua Hin

You deserve it!

A second chance to start a new life – You deserve it! Contact us (7) for more information on how purchase one of the amazing Hua Hin properties for sale and retire in Thailand.

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