The Value of Landscaping To Hua Hin Homes

When you think about properties in Hua Hin, you will agree that most of the exteriors are kept in immaculate condition…

And let us tell you, Thais love nothing better than topiary. You will see elephant hedges everywhere!! This Thai tradition dates back to the era of the Sukhothai.

Which begs the question – just how important is landscaping to your property? What impact, if any, does it have on the value?

Let’s start with basics…

Landscaping is the first thing that potential buyers see, and it reflects well — or poorly — on other homes in the neighborhood. This is as relevant to homes in Hua Hin, Thailand as it is to other properties around the world.

Landscape economist John Harris couldn’t agree more, highlighting that “good landscaping can add up to 28% to overall home value”­.

Landscaping can also help make an older property feel more contemporary, or make a new property appear more classic. A lovely garden can not only help to enhance character of a villa, but it can differentiate the property to others in the same area. Landscaping can also help would be purchasers to think how they can use the outdoor space or even better make them prefer your property to another similar one going for the same price.

If you live in a condo in Hua Hin, the chances are that landscaping will be included as part and parcel of either your rent or your maintenance costs.

If you own your own home or villa in Hua Hin, landscaping will be down to you alone.

Here are our top tips for great landscaping to make your already fabulous property, even more fabulous.

garden art

Landscaping Essential #1: Trees

As funny as it may seem, trees do have a significant impact on property values. Of course, in order to add value, the trees must be healthy, mature and ideally native to the area. Trees native to Thailand include the Japanese acacia, the breadfruit and the cempedak.

Shady trees also help to keep homes cooler in warmer weather – essential for Thailand’s hot season!

They helpful in assisting with storm water runoff, something that properties can get a lot thanks to Thailand’s rainy season, but trees also block water which is running off your property.

Landscaping Essentials #2 Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a good way of improving landscaping and often comes top of the list on What Home Buyers Really Want type surveys.

Stylish lighting will help to highlight the stunning Hua Hin scenery surrounding your property. Soft lighting feels warm and inviting. Picture yourself sitting on your balcony or patio with a cold beer or a chilled glass of white wine, enjoying the beautiful Hua Hin scenery.

On a practical note, outdoor lighting can also prevent slips and falls.

villa with a nice warm outdoor light

pool villa with outdoor lightning

Landscaping Essentials #3 Fencing

Fencing has many pluses: it keeps pets in and unwanted intruders out; it generates privacy and makes established boundary lines clear.

But it is a bit of a grey area whether it has any impact on property prices.

Since most privacy fencing is fitted in back gardens, it has little curb appeal.

That said, most people appreciate the addition of a fence and the hassle of not needing to fit one immediately after moving into a new property could be a deal breaker for some. As long as your fence fits in with the style of your Hua Hin home or condo and is well maintained, it is unlikely to cause any significant harm to your property price.

house fence in bamboo

Summary: The Value Of Landscaping to Property Prices

Even if a garden does not add immediate value, improving the visual appearance of a property is likely to always help to entice more viewings and therefore increase the likelihood of an offer on your Hua Hin property. This is true of all property markets around the world, and not just the Thai one.