La Bua Vista is Hua Hin’s newest star on the Property sky…

La Bua Vista is Hua Hin’s newest star on the Property sky together with one of the biggest success stories the resort city saw in 2015 & 2016 with La Bua Resort & Residence and the success does not look like it is likely to stop!
To the few that have maybe not yet heard about La Bua we will in this special featured article try to
find the key to this unique developer’s concept and secret to the success.



Let’s start out by saying the developer is a group of Danish and Thai nationals which totally changes the way most housing developments are normally made. As Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark is under the umbrella of countries that are world famous for its design in architecture, furniture and clothing design.

Taking the Danish design acknowledgment around the world for knowhow and incorporating functionality into a design and mixing that with the world famous Thai service and hospitality you are in for a treat, because all these elements were taken into consideration when this developer power train designed not only the different property types, but also the whole project and the concept that was to lay the way to success!
La Bua wanted to stand out and be different from the mainstream developments that Hua Hin have seen over the past 5 years and La Bua wanted to be in trend with the development and direction the lifestyle city of Hua Hin is heading in.


What it meant to the group was creating a lifestyle estate where every single residence´ needs were taken into consideration regardless of the residence’ wanted to have privacy, socializing, sport activities, relaxation, dining as well as providing a full range of property services for rental programs and maintenance in every corner of the estate so the residence’ can focus on the essential parts of life which is to kick back and enjoy life.

La Bua Vista is in an a very attractive location and are as one of the only ongoing developments offering spectacular 360 degree mountain views without any obstacles.

Despite only being 10 min drive away from Hua Hin´s busy city center or the beaches here is completely tranquil and undisturbed surroundings where it is possible to sit on the rooftop patios of La Bua and see the sun rise in the morning over Hua Hin with a cup of coffee and again see it set behind the mountains separating Thailand from Myranmar with a cool glass of white wine.

One of the nearest neighbors to La Bua Vista is the world famous Banyan golf course every year hosting some of Hua Hin´s largest golf tournaments. The newly opened tennis and sports complex Centennial Park is 10 mins drive away, same as Vana Nava jungle water park and the not yet opened Blue port shopping complex…location is good!

But let´s look into La Bua´s answer to the Thai concept of fully serviced properties served with a seductive smile.


La Bua have a huge tropical landscaped area covering more than 15.000 square meters which makes up most of the resort concept located in the center of the La Bua Vista estate. Here the residence of La Bua Vista can find the same level of hospitality and services as in many luxury resorts around Thailand. That includes the tropical landscaped areas around the reception and the 200m long beach lagoon swimming pool but also the facilities and services such as the tennis court, fitness, shuttle bus service, the 24 hour operating reception and the restaurant. The swimming pool is a feature that have both a children’s area, spa areas, lap pool, sunken in pool bar and pool side restaurant making it the natural center piece of La Bua Vista.
The facilities makes it easy and enjoyable to live in La Bua Vista as most of “everyday living” is accessible in walking distance from the residences.

However, providing world class services and facilities is not enough to be different in today’s property market.


To achieve the goal La Bua Vista offers a wide range of properties suitable for every budget and need.
La Bua have a total of 7 different exclusive property types ranging form 1 to 4 bedrooms and 71 to 402 square meters of living area. Every property is of course fully furnished with an exciting and refreshing modern furniture style. All the properties either have a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi or direct access to the huge resort lagoon swimming pool.

The villa designs are however really where La Bua Vista differs from any other development in Hua Hin!
Functionality is one of the cornerstones in Danish design and here La Bua Vista really shows its inheritance from the Danish developer’s side.


All the properties had several common objectives they had to fulfill before the developers of La Bua ware satisfied. First of all the properties had to be in line with the practicalities of living in Thailand’s tropical climate but still functional and with a modern appearance. They also had to be open and spacious allowing as much light and air to circulate as possible in every single room of every property type and finally they had to be build with modern technology and materials.


The solution for La Bua Vista was to create properties with large fully opening window and door panels allowing the outdoor areas to become a part of the indoor living areas in a way never seen before in Hua Hin and only a few other much more expensive developments in Thailand. It was accomplished by raising the standard ceiling heights and exterior glass panels compared to the lower cost standard seen elsewhere in Hua Hin because a La Bua property is destined to be a luxurious trill and pleasure to stay in.

Huge amount of time were used by the La Bua developers to find a way to introduce a new simple modern technology in the villas. For instants information technology and communication systems via internet is installed in every property shrinking the world and making information about every property accessible with the push of a button from any location in the world. Hua Hin is rated as one of the best countries in the world for retirement.


Weak points in traditional villas construction are more or less always connected with water and electricity thus La Bua choose to use special materials and specialist teams for the installation in these areas of construction to strengthen their exclusive properties.
As a result La Bua as standard uses LED lighting, DC inverter air-condition and ceiling fan systems, Danish high quality water pumps, German flexible water pipes and Australian developed swimming pool surfaces and last but not least kitchens and wardrobes produced in Denmark in all their properties, so it can in all fairness be said that La Bua is introducing the best materials and solutions from all over the world to the Hua Hin property market.


Technical specifications is not for everyone so to summoned it up it means to the residence of La Bua every property is build with low maintenance needed, long durability and low running cost for living.
To show the confidence in their product La Bua offer as some of the only developers in Thailand 5 years structural warranty on the properties and 10 year warranty on the swimming pool structures.
Just reading this article most will likely say La Bua sounds like high-end and expensive properties. La Bua is defiantly among the best properties on today’s market but the prices are so well balanced on the value for money ratio it is difficult to see who can challenge La Bua on today´s market.


The uniquely and distinctively modern design, the resort concept all available at so affordable competitive prices have during 2015 proven to be the secret to La Bua’s success!
First blown away by the concept, thereafter the innovating dream design and last the prices it is no wonder why more than 50 families from all over the world have chosen La Bua to be their residence away from home.
If you are interested in knowing more or visit La Bua Vista please contact one ofLa-bua-The-house