If you are simply getting started on the hunt for the ideal property in Hua Hin, or if let or you are seeking to sell your house, in Hua Hin here would be the best five characteristics that buyers try to find in a property according to a study conducted with a leading lender that is English. Undoubtedly, helpful Hua Hin Estate information, ensure and to maximize your Hua Hin home that is personal ticks all of the boxes for prospective customers.

Location, Location, Location

Place that is obviously was the 1st factor in deciding on property, with over 73  of folks setting this in the very top of the listing of must haves. Selecting where to live in Hua Hin issues on a variety of levels and is incredibly significant. Search consider prior to starting from the house on where you would possibly prefer to dwell a couple of questions to determine:

Do I need ‘Hua Hins city center buzz’ or’ more quiet Hua Hin region life’?
How near do I am interested in being to family and friends?
Do I want transportation connections that are great to function?
Do I must be near to parks and great International schools In Hua Hin?
Home size

Some 6-8 per cent of men and women interviewed stated the dimensions of the home was in investing in a home, an essential aspect. It may appear obvious but making certain you will get the the room you want today (someplace to eat, rest and curl up) also later on needs to be an integral element of picking out a Hua Hin home. Imagine if someone moves in or you choose to get animals or kids? You must look into in a long time and whether the the room may suit your lifestyle today.

Backyard and space that is outdoor is important

Outdoor room comes in several guises: yards, landscapes, balconies; all of them have their advantages. A total of 61 per cent of individuals were searching for a home with a few type of area that was exterior. If you are seeming to market be sure you are taking advantage of the room that is exterior you will need to give.


An overall total of 56 per cent of men and women surveyed stated the design of home was not unimportant to them. It is not difficult to be lured with a lay out that is great, but remember if the rest clicks the boxes, there might be room for compromise with this. Plus, there is always the choice to modify your self to the lay-out. Whether it is slamming down a wall to produce a brilliant open-plan kitchen/restaurant, because there is no significance of the research next to it, or raising the dimensions of the front room, you will get the independence to generate an excellent area that functions for you personally.


Whether you are in the center of Hua Hin town or the suburbs that are very peaceful and beautifull, it is always reassuring to realize that the vehicle is safely saved when at residence. A complete of 53.1 per cent of individuals classed offstreet parking a desire attribute, therefore if you are probably to get sleepless nights worrying that the car can be broken, consider making this an essential portion of your home research. Ensuring your drive is in useable and excellent shape is additionally an integral element to make your Hua Hin home appealing to possible customers.

What’re your top 5 “needs” when picking your ideal home? We had adore to learn. Abandon this particular storyline to your opinions.