Now Hua Hin Has It All, Bluport International Shopping Mall

The Most Breathtaking and Stunning Phenomenon Opens in Hua Hin Resort Town, Thailand.

Prepares to Enter the Period at the Grand Opening this October 1st as the Tourism Hub of Asia.
Devoting over 5,000 Million Baht to launch this dream destination, BLÚPORT HUA HIN RESORT MALL. It covers over 200,000 sqm, which will be an extravagant sight, as it is the first resort mall in Thailand’s retail history . It is prepared to enter center stage of Asia’s tourism heart.

Hua Hin BLUEPORT RESORT MALL, the first ever resort mall in Hua Hin. The project has invested over 5,000 Million Baht, and is located in the prime area, at the centre of Hua Hin, Prachuap Kirikhan.

The combination comes together, for the interior and exterior layouts, to become the resort mall that is magnificent. It’s considered a fresh phenomenon released under the theory “THE ENCHANTED JOURNEY TO THE PORT OF JOY” that radiates superior services that totally fulfills lifestyle needs and every crucial easiness and a delightful shopping experience.

Hua Hin has a charm that enchants individuals from around the world with many of its tourism spots, natural heavens, and historical heritage, for example: Rajabhakti Park, Klai Kangwon Palace, Maruekhathaiyawan Palace.



The resort mall will be Hua Hin’s new landmark that marks Hua Hin as one of the dream destinations for tourism when it comes to world class beach resorts and attracts both Thais and foreigners alike. The opening of such an excellent spectacle will additionally help bolster Thailand’s tourism market and solidify the state’s status on the ASEAN platform.

Hua Hin is Thailand’s most beloved resort town and has been immensely popular among the high end visitors for quite a long time. Due to its favorable geographic location as a link between the Central and the Southern areas, and a diversity of attractions, beautiful scenery that is natural and ethnic arts, Hua Hin acts as a hub for commerce, Thailand’s trade and investments in many sectors.

Furthermore, the place will shortly be supported by high-tech infrastructure systems like the Bangkok-Hua Hin High-speed Train and double-track railways. Through this path of development in Hua Hin toward its role as a global tourism destination, Proud Real Estate is committed to extending its investments along with promoting famous attractions in the town and developing more mixed-use projects, including InterContinental Hua Hin Resort, Vana Nava Hua Hin Waterpark, and True Stadium Hua Hin sport complex.

With the realization that the tourism industry is certainly one of Thailand’s strengths promoting income distribution to the local market, so that you can improve the tourism standards in Hua Hin and Thailand to meet international standards in future Proud Property will continue to invest.


This new extravaganza has completely chosen lifestyle living, beauty, leading fashion merchandises, sports, and digital technology products. Also, it includes eateries that are famed and well known cafés -stop delight for everyone. Additionally, it brings all the recognizable luxuries, including, the superior supermarket, GOURMET MARKET, that meticulously chooses all its best produce from around the world; leading financial institutions; and BLÚPORT CINEPLEX, the world class cinema with 6 theatres.

Additionally, there is also the the interactive theme park that for the very first time in Thailand, the new and exciting WHALEY PORT, brings the world under the sea to life. This dream destination is the epitome of the shopping and entertainment lifestyle experience that excites with distinct layouts for each zone.

FASHION & LIFESTYLE PORT enables shoppers to relax in a colonial beach house style setting and peruse through the world class fashion brands, well known Thai brands, and other exclusive brands for example H&M, UNIQLO, KIPLING, JASPAL, CHAPS, AIIZ, X=ACT, LYN AROUND, SHOE BAR, and NARAYA.

Moreover the first lifestyle trend concept store in Thailand that gathers every type of beach accessories in one place, things such as bikinis, sarongs, seashore resort wear, sunglasses, beauty products, and much more.

Additionally, there are exceptional services , such that is ready as YOU HUNT WE COOK and THE DOCK OYSTER & SEAFOOD BAR, PIZZA PUB BY PETIT PLASIR. ONLINE SHOPPING and pRESENT & WRAPPING services & DELIVERY SERVICE BY JOYFUL FRESH are also conveniently available.

WHALEY PORT is a charming property set under the sea.


BLÚPORT CINEPLEX BY LEADING GROUP is a world class theatre that’s gone through the stylish resort interior design makeover and fused with the finest technologies in its six theaters with and special seats 1,200 VIP seats

BLÚ CONCIERGE & TOURIST SERVICES gives convenience and exclusivity in the shopping experience, beginning from restaurant reservations to accommodating tourists with advice and services such as for instance: VAT REFUND, CURRENCY EXCHANGE & TAX INVOICE, DELIVERY SERVICE and more.

BLÚPORT DEPARTMENT STORE is The First Ever Resort Mall in Hua Hin, which provides services and the most relaxing and delightful shopping experience and a breathtaking occurrence. The 25,000 sqm. dream destination is decorated to place you into a seaside resort mirage, offering the finest of the best in every section; specifically BEAUTY HALL, the kingdom of make-up and beauty products with 70 famed brands, for example: CHANEL, MAC, ESTEE LAUDER, LANCOME , SHISEDO; WOMEN’ BOUTIQUE , SHOES & BAGS SALON, ACCESSORIES BAZAAR, LINGERIE SALON, GUYS INTREND , WATCH GALLERIA , and SPORTS MALL, the top sports fashion, athletic lifestyle products, and sports equipment. It’s a collection over 200 top brands from around the earth covering 2,000 sqm. POWER MALL, the front-runner in electronics technology and IT covering 2,000 sqm., is an one-stop for techies everywhere, there’s a range of 80 quality brands and supplies BRAND ADVISOR from experts in this field.

BETREND holds all the lifestyle products that foster the creative imagination of over 100 renowned brands, over 30,000 CHILDREN’ PLANET is a dream world for children, with toys galore for kids of every age, products that parents can trust for sensitive new borns, child’s fashion, and edutainment toys which will help the learning procedure including 100 brands covering . sqm 1,200 The excitement continues with the new LEGO SHOP that is the greatest in the southern parts that are upper.

GOURMET MARKETPLACE, the elite supermarket covering 30,000 sqm., with an assortment of fresh produce that has meticulously chosen the finest products from around the world. The resort mall impresses with completeness and its assortment that farther please shoppers with special advantages and all its promotions.

BLÚPORT HUA HIN RESORT MALL plans to be joy and the pride of Thailand.