It is a question that each single parent who is considering relocating to Hua Hin will ask us. Since we have a kid, and because we’ve been here for 6 years and have checked out the majority of the best shools in the Hua Hin town and surroundings, folks appear to want to know our thoughts on this particular important topic.

I ‘d first like to say that a parent’??s desire to get a school’??s philosophy and teaching technique is an extremely personal and subjective issue. There is no solution that is wrong or right, so long as the kid is happy at the school and performs nicely. Parents whose kids attend nearly every school in Hua Hin are known by us, plus they all seem happy with their selection of choice of school, even when there is the gripe or the occasional criticism about something.

Hua Hin have for for some time been a favorite among retirees who desire to stay in the sun and enjoy the the meals, climate and venues. Hua Hin have several water parks, shopping malls, sport actions, social teams for younger individuals as well as activities are being grown with by the communities.

However a major issue to a lot of families considering moving to Hua Hin are schools for the kids. As the city is growing more options are getting available and Hua Hin to-day have several colleges with English system and english-speaking teachers plus a single Swedish school. More are coming as nicely as personal tutoring and lessons are accessible in a number of different languages.

Hua Hin nowadays have 3 international schools doing curriculum as according the Thai Ministry of training with only indigenous English speaking teachers.

These Hua Hin Schools are The BECC, Da Vinici and Hua Hin International School that is a REAL international one.

The majority of us think that educating a youngster indicates to send the youngster to universities or other establishments that are formal. The essence of schooling would be to help uncover the the unique-ness, the possible in the child and also to teach them the best way to raise and produce it. Hence schooling should really begin at residence. However, it does not suggest college is perhaps not good for children’??s schooling.




Here is list with the greater Thai schools in Hua Hin & the international schools:



Is an international school using a UK curriculum that’s based within the Vic Patravadi campus just south of Hua Hin city center. The the top administrators are English, as well as the philosophy is more about understanding through play and through performing. The teachers are all native English speakers, and each course also has a Thai teacher who teaches and assists Thai every day. If I had one complaint in regards to the BECC, nevertheless, it??s the Thai language system doesn’??t appear to be a massive concern or focus. We comprehend that there’s lots of material to cover in the day with the UK curriculum, and incorporating Thai in the blend needs some juggling of priorities. After some suggestions from parents who feel that the stronger Thai program is crucial here the administrators have responded with increased emphasis.

The atmosphere of the school is extremely open and communicative, and administrators and the teachers are continually encouraging creativity and independent thinking in the students. The college itself is very freeform and organic with open classrooms (no doors, no AC models) and an artistic sense. Indeed, the college is is at the Vic Patravadi campus, which is the only performing arts college in Hua Hin, started by one of Thailand’s most well-known actresses, Khun Patravadi.

The campus is incredible, set within the town but on a huge house amidst the countryside with turkeys, deer, horse stables, goats, and other wildlife.

The BECC is a primary and nursery, kindergarten school all rolled into one. It also provides Thai language courses.

Established last year life was begun by the college as a drop-in day-care center in Marketplace Village. Through talking-to the folks using the service and from the needs of the families a small home college was quickly shaped to to allow for 3 students. The partnership with Patravadi High School was proven and the school moved into its existing grounds. Moving with 7 students, the college h AS rapidly established itself to advertise schooling throughout the primary years to its present 1110 students. The ethos and environment of the college lead to the overall feel of the school which then dictate philosophy and the mission declaration that’s prevalent throughout the school.

With little class sizes & certified teachers.

More Information: http://thebecc.com


Is another worldwide school, is about 5 10 minutes from town-center,, and situated in Hua Hin off Soi 94 which is very convenient. Yamsaard lately adopted the Cambridge English System to enhance the englishlanguage plan and is a school that is fully accredited. Yamsaard is Thai with all the primary branch in Bangkok, and all of the high le Vel administrators of the college are Thai. The philosophy of the school is Thai, as-is the curriculum, although every course has a Thai instructor in addition to equally an indigenous English speaking teacher. The school has a great status throughout the country, which is important in case your child ideas to wait university senior school and/or in Thailand.

Beaconhouse Yamsaard Group is is among the the the key bilingual and international schools for girls and boys aged 2-18 years. BYS is committed to providing 21St-Century Education to their students. The curriculum is a blend of career and life skills, content knowledge, and ICT literacy. The teachers have integrated the four  of 21st Century Education in their device instructing (creativity, critical thinking , collaboration, and communication) into the frame-work of our core educational topics. The shcool prepare the pupils for their entrance in to global culture, and enable them to compete at international level.

More Info at: http://www.bys.ac.th/index.php





They take great pride in addressing the improvement of the complete youngster. All aspects of the skill set pupils need to succeed in the twenty first century (intellectual, creative, physical, social, participatory, cultural and moral) are incorporated in the training DVIS gives. They make an effort to to assist produce pupils who are not only outstanding academically but also endowed using a wider and deeper perception of obligation and social awareness, of neighborhood and of responsibility.

All DVIS staff perform difficult to assure the school provides a cheerful, friendly and inclusive environment and a lively and dynamic ethos. All school members – whatever their provenance – are assured of a warm wel come plus a generous allotment of private attention so vital to get a student’s self-assurance, social skills and educational success. The school goal – to offer students having a carefully well-balanced and beneficial education of the best standard – is directly related to DVIS’ mission to prepare tomorrow’s global citizens and leaders with all the information, abilities and qualifications they need to face, meet and succeed with the challenges of the future.

DVIS’ students therefore receive the very finest training using a blend of local and international curricula and syllabuses for them to to excel within their studies, their interests as well as their hobbies and to prepare effectively for the broad array of learning and profession alternatives accessible when they graduate. This gives pupils a passport to under graduate studies in over seas or Thailand and thence to leading executive jobs and professions at organisations actively seeking candidates with proficiency in the skillset DVIS gives.

More Info at: www.dvis.ac.th



(Extremely High Standard & Very Popular)
The school is professionally run (with a British â??Headteacherâ?) and follows an adapted UK curriculum in addition to a powerful Thai language program; it’s fully accredited and only employs teachers from the UK and Thailand. The campus will grow each year together with the students that are eldest until Years 1-2 and 1-3, which will follow the baccalaureate program that is the interior. Located straight next to Black Mountain golfing course, the school is around 2 minutes to Hua Hin town center, and about 5 minutes to the bypass road.

Hua Hin International College is an upcoming independent, privately owned, coeducational college that initially cater for children from age 2 to 13 and draws kids from multi cultural backgrounds.

EDT is a UK based organisation operating in the UK and internationally. They inspect a third of all UK colleges on behalf of OFSTED. Current numbers of kids in the school is 65 kids.

Their sister school is  Andrews Samakee which has achieved Gold Standard accreditation from EDT as an â??outstandingâ?? school.

They presently appeal to pupils from EY1 (2-year olds) through to Y 8 (13 year olds);
Each yr a further yr team will soon be added.

Students will commence to study for IGCSEs in Yr 10, prepared take the exams in Year 11.
Their students will start to to examine for the International Baccalaureate Programme in Year 12 and take their final exams in Yr 13 (aged 18).

They are truly a global college with more than 20 nationalities represented
Their highly qualified teachers are recruited from the UK.
The maximum course size is 20.
The School train the English National Curriculum.
All students understand Thai in individual lessons.
All students learn Mandarin.
The youngest students moved right into a new purpose built accommodation in October 2016.
The sports industry is now open.

The further developments contain: another swimming pool (25m), a bigger canteen and further expert secondary services. These phases will undoubtedly be finished by August 2018.
They can be licensed as an International School from the Thai Ministry of Education and are a member of Worldwide Universities Association of Thailand.

For more information: http://www.huahinschool.com






Somtawin School educates children from kindergarten-through to Grade-12. They teach a UK based curriculum which is within the Thai Ministry of Educationâ??s frame work. Their topics, with the exception of Thai Language are taught in English by English speaking teachers.
In years 10, 1 1 and 1 2 your child will soon be able to sit the Global Basic Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations. The IGCSE is a globally recognized qualification universities across the planet accept that. Located just outside of Hua Hin, they do not suffer from pollution, noise and the traffic of an urban school. The school provide a relaxing tranquil and safe surroundings for your child to produce bodily and socially. Using a wide selection of Nationalities from around the planet, Somtawin really is a Local School with an International Outlook.

For more information: http://www.somtawin.ac.th


Padma Fischer began in 2006 the Halio Center Years Plan – four and White like minded families. Dissatisfied using the quality of current universities in Hua Hin, the parents decided to begin their own college and fulfill the individual needs in their children. Since those humble beginnings, Halio has grown to to allow for students from age three and coordinates with Saatsin School for English and Thai language courses to keep with Thai law.

Halio is a a residential area school developed by parents for the benefit of their children. The school gives three educational plans years for children age 3 to 5, Middle years for kiddies aged 6 to 12 and they recently stopped accepting applicants for the Upper years for kiddies aged 13-18.

Their mission is to give kiddies freedom and the area in a nurturing and stimulating atmosphere to develop individual abilities and their abilities and become leaders in their own education. Becoming socially aware, self-directed and personally accountable, they train for the evolving demands of a quickly changing potential. At Halio school they can be committed to producing well-rounded, independent, proactive young adults equipped together with the essential 21st Century, mindset and attitude required to succeed in an unpredictable world.

For more info: http://www.halio.org

We hope this information is beneficial, and please let us know if you have any feedback for people about some Hua Hin schools that we may have failed to mention or your expertise at some of these schools. Thanks!