Hua Hin’s High Speed train, New Land Mark Approved

A high-speed train model is now shown within an exhibition by the State Railway of Thailand. The railway board has approved two high-speed trains from Bangkok to Hua Hin and Bangkok to Rayong. Building is anticipated to start next year (2017).

SRT chairman Sarawut Benjakul said the SRT board approved the Bangkok-Hua Hin link worth 94.6 billion baht and the eastern Bangkok-Rayong line estimated at 152 billion baht. The jobs would be proposed to the public-private partnership policy (PPP) committee chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Somkid  and the cabinet in June 2016.

Construction could start next year and command should be completed within this year, Mr Sarawut said. “The PPP committee considers both high-speed train projects as fast track ones, and the SRT analyzed many investment options.
The most viable alternative was the PPP net cost approach when the SRT would make its investment and the building would be paid for by the private sector, collect fares and share proceeds with the state, the SRT chairman said.

The preferred investment option reduce its fiscal burden as most of the cost would rest with the private sector and would minimise threats to the authorities. Thus the building periods could be shortened and the contractors will design and construct the systems simultaneously, Mr Sarawut said. Contractors would receive 25-year concessions to operate the trains, he said. Officials earlier estimated the construction would take more than 3 years to complete.


More details about Hua Hin High speed train – turning Hua HIn station for High Speed train as the new landmark of Hua Hin city.
Hua Hin new station building after double tracking will be just the western edge of existing Hua Hin station. Hua Hin station for High Speed train will be opposite to Hua Hin Airport at Bo Fai
Need 6,352 sq. m. for Hua Hin station of high speed train with the station length of 1 km – 450 meter for station building. Ticket rate at 2.5-3.0 Baht per km – at 522 – 627 Baht with travel time of 1 hour, with only  4 stations.

Hua Hin in front of Bo Fai Airporrt (Hua Hin airport) – around Hua Hin Soi 2 . 7 km North of existing Hua Hin station and 300 meter from the Phetkasem road.

Mayor of Hua Hin going to prepare the mass transportation to connect High Speed train station at Bo fai with downtown Hua Hin – using private run minibus – but need much better decoration to fit with the grace of new Hua hin station at Bo Fai.

Hua Hin Real Estate will with all these new investment get a very positive influence.

New investment and Landmarks in Hua Hin on the way:
Vana Nava Water Park
Blue Port Shopping mall
Expansion of Hua Hin Airport
Mahasamutr Developments
High Speed Ferry
True Arena Sport Complex
La Bua Resort & Residence

Hua Hin is booming and investment in Hua Hin Real Estate market will rise again!