How to guarantee the Quality Of your property

Most properties in today’s booming housing market have been primped up and stylized to look as impressive as possible to lure you as buyer. The goal is to make them look neat, modern and strong at first glance. However, as a buyer you need to be able to know the truth behind the cosmetics and the safety and quality conditions house/villa or condo you are about to build, buy from a development or buy from a previous owner. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensuring that you are investing in quality workmanship.

In addition to asking for the help of your property agent, it is important for you to also do your own research on various parameters through which you can judge the quality of the property. E.g. quality of interior design and architectural design, brand names of electrical appliances and kitchen/bathroom fixtures…etc.

1.     If you are buying a property from a private previous owner

  1. Ask your property agent to refer you to a reliable structural engineer who an survey the house/condo building and give the go ahead on the structural soundness and the safety and quality of the materials used. They can also help you by advising on how best to maintain the stability of the building.
  2. Check the brand names of fixtures and appliances. Also make sure you sample turning on every tap and flushing every toilet.
  3. Notice the floors. Floors sloping in the wrong direction can be disastrous in a wet season with seepage
  4. Pay attention to the outside walls, Patched cracks indicate a faulty foundation.

2.     If you are building a new house or buying a house/villa in a new development

  1. Check the past projects that the developers/builders/contractors have worked on. These will give you a good idea of the quality of their work. If you can try to talk to one or to residents of their already completed projects.
  2. Insist on going to the actual property site. Do not be satisfied by only seeing the sample house/villa/condo.

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