A comprehensive list of questions for Hua Hin house buyers

If you are house hunting in Hua Hin or any one of the other wonderful nearby areas such as Cha-am, or perhaps you have already spotted the villa of your dreams, then the time will eventually come when you need to meet the real estate agent and the seller to move your property buying plans on to the next step.

At this point there are obviously going to be questions, lots of questions, from all parties; the buyer, the seller and of course the agent. To help out house hunters we’ve compiled a list of questions to help make this major life changing event easier for all those involved by compiling an extensive list of potential questions to ask during your property buying negotiations.
Some of the details and information brought up during these meetings or phone calls will be small matters such as “Is there a supermarket close by?” all the way to important matters like, “Are there good schools in Hua Hin?” but there will always be lengthy list of buyer and seller questions that need answering when buying any house, villa or condo.

buying house in Hua Hin

To help potential buyers out we have compiled a list of questions that includes some of the more obvious ones for house hunters plus quite a few other questions that might not spring to mind during your meetings and calls with your local Hua Hin real estate agent yet the moment you are sat back in the car or hang up the telephone it will pop into your head by which time it is too late and you’ll need to call back or make a new appointment to clarify the details of your query relating to the property.
This handy of question list can be printed for you to keep with you and check off as you get the answers you need. And of course, any other questions and queries unique to your property purchase.

45 House buyers questions for Hua Hin property buyers

Why are the owner selling?

How long has the property been on the market?

Has the property changed hands often?

How long have the current owners lived in the house?

When do the sellers want to move out?

How old is the property?

What date will the condo / villa / house be available to occupy and move in?

How much interest has there been?

Are there any common charges? And if so, how much per month?

What are the values of nearby Hua Hin properties?

What prices have nearby houses sold for recently?

What are the neighbours like? Do they have children, pets, loud parties?

What facilities are in the area?

School in Hua Hin

What are the schools in the Hua Hin area like?

Is the house north facing (for sun)?

When does the property get the sun?

Is there noise from traffic, trains or planes?

Is there a danger of flooding around the property?

Any major redevelopment plans for the surrounding area?

Are there any building or planning restrictions? Could I build an outhouse or garage?

What type of title does the property have?

Any protection orders on trees or buildings?

Where are the boundaries of the house?

Is the home suitable to renovate?

Have any of the rooms in the house been decorated recently?

Could the property be subdivided?

Does the building need any urgent repairs?

Have there been any major or minor alterations?

Does all work have all the required building certificates?

Have plumbing or wiring been redone in the villa / house? When?

How many air-con units are installed?

Has the hot water boiler had any problems recently?

What fittings are being sold with the home?

Any restrictions on use of common areas?

Is there an estate manager on the gated housing community?

Are there charges to use the communal facilities such as the pool and park?

How far away is Hua Hin beach?

Where is the nearest supermarket from the property?

How soon do I need to pay any money?

How much deposit will I need to secure the house?

When can I book my removal company?redevelopment plan hua hin

Do I need house insurance or building cover?

Exactly what is included in the sale?

What is the minimum price the owner will sell for?

Are there any estate agent fees to pay?

There you have 45 great questions for all Hua Hin house and property buyers to use when it comes to dealing with and talking to real estate agents and the sellers of houses, condos and villas in Hua Hin and the surrounding areas.