How To Make Your Home Ready For Sale

So the time has come. You have decided to sell your beloved Hua Hin home. It goes up on the market but then silence……. No bites of the cherry. And you just can’t understand why. After all this is your house! Although the time has come for you to move on, you still love it. Why doesn’t everyone else?

It goes without saying that once we have made the decision to sell, we want to do so quickly and bring top baht. Well, it’s not pure luck that makes that transpire. It’s determination, organisation and knowing how to smarten up your Homes or condo.

A super cleaned house

Top Tips On How To Sell Your Home

Here are our top tips on how to prep your Hua Hin house/condo/villa and turn it into a desirable and sought-after property.

The first step – remind yourself, “It’s a house not my home—it is something that can be sold like any other on the supermarket store shelf”.

The 2014 film of the year was Frozen. Be strong and morph yourself into Elsa and tell yourself to “let it go” with regards to your feelings and remember that soon this house will belong to someone else.

Soon you will be leaving your front door keys and saying goodbye to every room.

Don’t  be sad – be excited and look towards the future.

The next step? Get busy and pack your photos and old family treasures. Buyers find it hard to see when faced with personal items, and you don’t want them to risk being side-tracked and not focusing on the fact that your Hua Hin home is their new dream house. Buyers need to imagine their memories on the walls, so why stop them by leaving yours there?

De-Clutter! Without realising it, you will have collected an astonishing amount of junk. So think about donating it or throwing it away? Empty your bookcases. Pack away your treasured knickknacks that probably just collect dust. It might seem like hard work, but hey, it’s a good start on the old packing front!

That said, this has been your house in Hua Hin so if you want to take your blinds, white goods or fixtures with you, remove them now. Is that antique light fitting in your dining room a treasured family possession? Take it down now!

Make minor repairs. Replace cracked floor tiles. Mend any holes in walls, floor boards or carpets. Repair leaky water taps. Fix doors that don’t close properly and kitchen drawers that jam. Paint your walls neutral colours, especially if you are a fan of bright colours.
(Don’t give potential purchasers reason to refer to you as the  Hua Hin villa ” with the yellow kitchen.”) Ensure all of the lights work.

Once you have got rid of the junk, clean, clean and then clean some more! Prospective buyers don’t want to see dust or grime. Polish the mirrors, clean your windows, take out the rubbish – this might seem like common sense, but you will be amazed how often this is overlooked or how many “lazy” sellers there are

Remember you and your Hua Hin property are showcasing a lifestyle!


Selling Your Hua Hin Home In Summary

Stand outside and appraise your house. Be realistic. Does the home welcome you? Is your outdoor area well cared for?

Think about how furniture is organised and move pieces around until you are happy.

Are picture frames straight?

None of this is rocket science, it’s just a few small things you can do to persuade prospective buyers that yours is the house they want! Simple!

Remember what is was that made you fall in love with your Hua Hin property and recreated that magic for your viewers.