Getting Permanent Residency in Thailand

Given the positive characteristics of life in Thailand, including a low cost, yet high standard of living, several people want to reside. Obtaining the status of a resident has several advantages.

Secondly, as a permanent resident, youâ??ll be able to purchase a condo pretty easily, with your own name on the house registration document. The permanent resident status makes obtaining a work permit easier, allows you to be the director of a Thai business that is community, and grants you the right to eventually
Apply to be a Thai citizen that is naturalised. The latter requires holding permanent resident status. Moreover, the residency permit never expires, unless revoked.

All applications for permanent residency are processed by the Royal Thai Immigration Commission; the program period is generally from October to the end of December each year. There are quotas.

You must also maintain this position at the time of program.

Furthermore, you must meet one of the following categories of eligibility: 1. Investment (make an investment of at least THB 3 million in Thailand); 2. Business; 3. Expert/Academic; and 5. Other categories determined by Thai Immigration. The required documentation for program will count on the group under which the program is manufactured.

Once your application is approved, youâ??ll be issued a residence blue book. You must register your host to residence in Thailand at your local municipal office and and acquire a house card, and subsequently, a residence certificate. After that you can apply for an alien book (red book) at the local police station, which is the equivalent of the Thai national ID card. You must re-register at the station every year.