Our Top Tips on how to get your Hua Hin home from ‘Sale’ to ‘Sold’

In today’s ever evolving property market that is both a perpetual rollercoaster and minefield combined. Selling your home in Hua Hin can be confusing, irritating and one of the most stressful situations that you will ever go through in your life.

Here at Dream Estate Hua Hin, we’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt too many times to count. We can steer you from potential pitfalls and provide you with the hottest tips that will to turn this from a potential nightmare into a walk in the park, with us helping you every step of the way.

We’re committed to providing you with a professional and dedicated service that will get your property sold, there are however a few simple ways in which we’ve found you can help yourself. Here are some of the tips we’ve gathered over the years that will take your Hua Hin home from sale to sold.

paint your home

  1. Style to suit everyone

Everyone has different tastes, styles, likes and dislikes. This is a really important thing to remember when you’re trying to sell your property!

Just because you’ve styled your home into your own image of what a ‘home’ is, does not mean that it’s what your buyer has in mind. When they walk into your home for the first time they need to have an environment in which they can actually envisage themselves living here. If garish colours, loud statements and crazy furniture clash with their preferences are a very fast way of deterring potential buyers.

Research has shown us that the investing a little money in a fresh coat of paint is the best way of creating a neutral, clean environment that will allow your buyer to open themselves to the idea of making your property their new home. We’ve found Light neutral colours are the best as these are appealing to most of the target buyers out there. The light of the room also gives an impression of greater space and an atmosphere that radiates clean, fresh and ready to move in!

Top tip – Give your front door a fresh coat of paint. This is the first thing your buyers are going to see.


  1. Setting the scene for a sell with a smell

This one is a simple one. A good home should smell like home. If you walk in to a property and you can smell a little bit of that fresh painted smell, then you know it’s just been refurbished, which is great.

However, if you walk into your new potential Hua Hin home and you smell Lavander, vanilla or the smell of fresh baked cookies… wow.  It’s truly incredible how the mind and nose work together. Fresh baked goods or some amazing scented candles with maybe some mood lightning and some good music can make your potential buyers really feel at home from the moment they walk through that door. Smells are simple and cheap but they are highly effective.


  1. Man’s best friend?

If you’re an animal person and love your fury companisions, that’s awesome.

However some people just aren’t animal people. Whether it’s cats, dogs or goldfish, they just don’t get along.  When your potential buyer comes around it’s best to make sure your little friends are out of the way for the showing. Locking them away in a room isn’t usually an option as buyers want to see all of your property, would you buy a home where you hadn’t seen the inside of the garage because Fido is locked in there? Of course not.

We recommend that you put your fury friends in a crate for the duration of the viewing or even better, get someone to take them for a stroll around the block whilst your property showing is going on. Fido is happy, your potential buyers are paw print free and you’ve got a better chance of making that deal.


  1. Cut the clutter

This one is easy to do but is often forgotten when selling properties.  Over the years we tend to accumulate a lot of junk, which is fine. Things can be used again and keepsakes remind us of the people we’ve met and the places we’ve been.

But right now we’re trying to let our potential buyers imagine themselves living here.. it’s hard for potential buyers to imagine living somewhere when that place is full of clutter. Keep it simple.

The more minimalist your show rooms are, the easier it will be for your buyers to imagine themselves living in this place.

It’s easy. Keep clutter to a minimum and your buyer can imagine to their maximum. (The cookies help here too…)

  1. Don’t be a space invader

Have you ever been and viewed a property and had the seller sit on your right shoulder the duration? Well if you haven’t then take it from me, it feels awkward and intrusive.

Do yourself and your viewers a favor. Get out!

Potential buyers need space to breathe, space to walk around freely and space to imagine themselves actually living here. With you standing behind them they don’t have the privacy they need to do this. So if it means standing downstairs or even outside in the rain then do it, give them the time that they need to be able feel at home. This applies doubly so if it’s a couple that’s looking for a new love nest. Couples need to have those private conversations where they can be honest about their feelings and concerns about their new home. If you’re there then they can’t do this so get out of the way. This simple trick will work in your favor in a big way.

We recommend that when you welcome them into your home and introduce yourself you can tell them a little about the place and then tell them that they’re welcome to take a look around and where you will be. Let them have the opportunity to really picture themselves living here. There is plenty of time afterwards to ask any questions that they may have thought of.

These are really some simple things that you can do to help your home in Hua Hin sold faster.

The more complicated stuff you can leave to us, that’s what all of our team here at Dream Estate Hua Hin does best.