Buying off-plan homes here in Hua Hin has some great advantages, but with all the advice of a realtor that has been established here many years, experience is important and it must be completed properly!

The process for buying off-plan home is usually the same for most tasks and therefore it will be, there’s a common process that’??s recognised and if you come across a developer who doesn’??t want to follow along with the process -just walk away !

200,000 Thai Baht Reservation, when your selected real estate agent has shown you good luck developments that Hua Hin has to offer and you’ve discovered the home of your desires and you would prefer to proceed with the purchase you’ll initially spot a 200,000 thb reservation down to reserve the parcel where your house will likely be built. This really is normally a one-page basic agreement that describes the sales price the home, plot number, your name and other private details, copies of your passports connected along with the developers contact particulars and all related company details.

NOTE : Generally these reservations are nonrefundable subject to the productive due-diligence that will be carried out by your lawyer. Therefore make sure you are certain that you just want to go ahead with the purchase and have thought things through.

We would always recommend hiring an good attorney to procedure contracts and assist on the purchase, some clients do nonetheless select maybe not t, but why wouldn’??t you want legal representation on a big purchase such as a property.

Most clients would broadly speaking ask the agent for recommendations in attorneys and the agent should be in a position to supply you with the names and contact details of 2 or 3 great attorneys that their customers purchased previously, ofcourse you don’??t need to use these lawyers as well as the choice is yours to use which lawyer you’ll like.

Most clients would employ a lawyer here in Hua Hin, this may lead to large expenses on your part and like they need to hire a lawyer from Bangkok there would be at least 2 excursions to Hua Hin needed. Most lawyers cost between 40k to 90k for the fully comprehensive service of a a house purchase including the hand over at the land-office in Hua Hin.

Depending on the way your are buying there might also be a lease agreement that must be processed, all  attorneys will ensure this is written with all the latest laws incorporated and have lots of points in the deal that offers you extra safety, it’??s imperative which you use a experience lawyer to draw this contact.

Payment terms will also be included and from portion of the agreement, if you was purchasing a villa off-plan and development was starting almost immediately the payment terms would be some thing like this:

200,000 Thai Baht reservation.

Between 20% and 30% down on contract signing and preceding to the begin of building the foundation.

Staged payments up on construction milestones where photos will likely be sent to you personally.

Developers will give a construction time of between 8 and 12 months to you.

Round the middle of construction, unless you have done this before you’ll be required to come to Hua Hin as well as the task and spend half a day with all the development team to pick tiles for the flooring, swimming pool and terrace as well as paint colors for internal walls, kitchen color, and also if regular the wood colors for built in furniture.


When your off-plan villa is completed you will come to Hua Hin, if not already here and go through a snagging sheet, so the developer if reputable will have a document with everything that might need to be done, you will walk around the villa and check everything is working to the standard it should be, if certain things are flagged and need snagging these should be done within a given time frame, usually 2-3 weeks and before the furniture is fitted.

You may also go to the land department with your lawyer as well as the developerâ??s representative and complete the paper perform for possession and also the house will probably be signed over to you personally.

Congratulations, you are now the very happy proprietor of your brand new villa here in Hua Hin, Paradise Metropolis is a name that some people refer to as this fantastic, incredible town that we live!

Note : Dream Estate Hua Hin only sell with all the most trustworthy expert and trusted development’??s here in Hua Hin, Our revenue policy in basic is to only promote the Off-plan Properties which have produced and accomplished at least one project here in Hua Hin. Therefore that individuals can show prospective purchasers a finished project and buy knowingly that your cash and expense is in excellent hands.

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