How To Make The Perfect Rental Property

There are GOOD homestay rental properties & there is GREAT Homestay Property for rent in Hua Hin. How do you make the difference as a owner? Dream Estate Hua Hin Homestay agents has this knowledge ad we are happy to share our experience with you  – we are only waiting for your property.If you think you have a great Homestay in Hua Hin, contact us now and we will guaranty you rental income for the next year. And that is a promise…..Having a fantastic rental property in Hua Hin will make your house rented most of the time of the year. But how do you make your Hua Hin Homestay house stick out from the crowd?

Make Your Homestay Guest Feel Like A Home Away From Home.

This can be done at a minimum cost. It doesn’t take much to bring some personal touches to make your guests feel as though they’re home away from your home. Here are a few things which will make a big impact:Fast Wi-Fi,  Smart Tv & Play consul, Kitchen, Gas BBQ, Pool, Jacuzzi, Great Beds, Free Netflix, Great Beds, BT speaker, Modern Home Style, Guide Book Etc. The More beds/bedroom you can offer the more popular your holiday property will be.Many meals will be prepared and enjoyed in your house, but tenants also often like to eat out, while they are on holiday. All homestay guest will like the benefit of a well stocked kitchen in your house and a large fridge.No one wishes to feel like they’ve stepped into a time warp, Hua Hin Holidays guest love open space that can accommodate a large family or friends. Trendy furnitures is a hit for most Homestay guest. This isn’t to say you must spend a lot of money to furnish your Homestay– not at all – Furniture – couches, chairs, sectionals, etc. should always seem clean and fairly new.Select a modern design and colours that stand out. Newly painted White wall always looks great! Spills will happen, but be ready for them and think about it when you choose your furnitures and beds.Dream Estate Hua Hin will function as the liaison between you and the tenant. We have bound contracts that will help protect the tenant and you.