Hua Hin Solar Cells Information & Tips

The Way To Select The Correct Hua Hin Solar Cells & Panels

Buying the right home residence solar energy system in Hua Hin Thailand may be an extremely exciting and stressfull experience, but don’t get too carried away by the many advertisements.

Make sure to focus on the important facets of your Hua Hin solar power cells purchase as it’s a significant investment and one you’ll be living with for a long time.





Listed here is some advice about what to search for when buying a solar cell system in Hua Hin Thailand.

When picking the right solar panels, then you clearly rely upon a worry-free operation throughout their whole lifetime. Dream Estate Hua Hin provide the best tips to achieve a worry-free functioning of your solar panels.


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Don’t choose the most affordable, but for the very best Hua Hin solar cell panels.

— The highest yield per m²
— The Highest Quality Inverter
— A reduced risk of micro fractures
— A clinically proven longevity

Important, how to choose the right installer in Hua Hin.

Ask the installer to come onsite for a measurement and to deliver some references for similar projects.

Opt to get a good installation

Solar cells function best when they’re set up in the direction between southeast and southwest. A slope between 20 and 60 degrees delivers great outcomes.

Invest in the best possible inverter

As the inverter is a vital component of the solar plant, then an individual should choose for quality.

Very good converters have a lifetime of at least ten years. Inverters without transformer offer greater efficacy compared to inverters with transformer. You best opt to get an inverter with an efficiency of at least 97%.

Ensure appropriate dimensioning

When buying a PV-system, it is important that the solar panels and the inverter are correctly dimensioned. Having a view to some maximum technical output, the ideal dimensioning of the inverter is between 90 percent to 110% with respect to power of their solar panels.

Normally, one opts to an ‘underdimensioning’ of the inverter concerning the solar panels. This is only because in the nordic country, the solar panels virtually never attain their peak efficiency because of non-optimal weather conditions.




Continuously monitor and then evaluate your return

When investing in solar panels, you obviously wish to achieve maximum efficacy. Consequently, you should monitor and assess the functioning of your system closely and continuously.

The efficacy of your solar panels can be monitored by way of the internet portal ‘My ‘ iLumen’. This efficacy calculator determines the theoretical yield of your solar panels.

‘My ‘ iLumen’ synchronizes all historical data from the human body and then automatically and accurately calculates the yield. This way, you can quickly check whether your system is acting optimally.

Wash your solar panels (but moderately)

An often asked question is the frequency where your solar panels must be washed. Based on our experience we indicate that a single cleaning every person to five years ought to be sufficient, determined by the place and other ecological elements.

Cleaning your solar panels too often makes it possible for the chance of creating microscopic scratches in the coating, at which little parts of dirt can attach quite shortly after the cleanup process.






Boost the yield and extend the lifetime of your own solar panels

PID or Potential Induced Degradation happens on most of photovoltaic panels, frequently without the owner of the installation being mindful of it.

Due to PID the solar panels degrade faster and therefore don’t achieve the expected return during their lifetime. The degradation process occurs after two or three decades and following this it will proceed fast.

This device is installated involving the solar panels and also the inverter to regenerate the affected solar cells and to extend their life.

Avoid the shade if any

Avoid at all costs shadow objects that are generated for example by dormers, chimneys, trees…. If shadow in your solar panels is unavoidable, attach another MPTT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) to restrict the efficiency losses. Otherwise, your setup will inevitably be less profitable.

Do an yearly test

Have your solar cells Hua Hin checked every calendar year, or at least perform a visual test yourself!

Length of manufacturer warranty

Take notice of what promises the manufacturer provides. In case the producer is reputable and the warranty period to the panels is substantial (at least 25 years) you would naturally expect your solar system to endure long for quite a very long time , long enough to pay for itself and make you a profit.




Have realistic price expectations

If you are paying substantially less than several other similar size systems quoted, you may find poor quality gear and/or inadequate installation function. Quality equipment and setup is not inexpensive and, like the rest of the purchases, you often get what you pay for. Compare elements and guarantee periods and check in the company providing the setup.

Pick on the right type of solar cells hua hin

It was the case that if you’d limited roof area you would want highly efficient (and very expensive) mono-crystalline solar panels. This is rapidly changing with improvements in polycrystalline panel technologies and some thin film technology. However, even if you’ve got ample roof space you may still need to consider panel sizes vs. output as filling up your roof with inefficient panels will influence your capability to add more panels at a later date.

It’s also important to remember that regardless of brand, no solar panel technologies will produce a considerable quantity of electricity in full colour.

Solar inverter efficiency

A power inverter is your box between the panels along with your own appliances that converts DC electricity from solar panels to AC; suitable for use in your residence.

Not all of solar inverters are equivalent and inverter efficiency is going to have a direct effect on the amount of time that it takes to get a method to pay for itself. Look at the inverter efficiency prior to purchasing a system. Evidently, the more efficient the inverter the better — as less power will be wasted as heat throughout the conversion from DC to AC.

Get a few solar quotes

It always wise to assemble a couple of solar quotes when making a significant purchase as you will realize that prices vary widely between suppliers; but don’t be just tricked by price as inferior components may be employed to reduce the up-front price tag of this system — however they may wind up costing you more in the long run concerning reliability and efficiency.

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